Ulua Beach in South Maui offers beautiful snorkeling and a highly accessible reef.

Snorkeling in Maui – What Makes it Unique

Maui is officially known as the Valley Isle, but many call it the Ocean Island. Maui is blessed with more spots to easily access its waters than any of its sister islands. This is great news if you love snorkeling and are planning a trip to Maui. From Maluaka Beach in the south to Kapalua Bay in the north there are a countless number of beautiful snorkeling beaches in Maui.

However, snorkeling in Maui is a little different than many other places and knowing about these differences can make your snorkeling adventures even better. The two most important differences to be aware of are Shoreline Access and Wind.

Shoreline Access: Nearly every snorkel spot in Maui can be accessed from shore. This means if you know where to go and how to get there, you have very few limits. You don't have to take a boat, you don't have to pay anyone, and you don't have to be on someone else's schedule. You have the freedom to go where you want, when you want, and for as long as you want. All you really need is a great snorkeling guidebook—we recommend ours! :) We've snorkeled all the spots and give candid advice on which ones are good and which ones are great.

Wind: Maui can be windy—at times very windy. The wind creates waves and can stir up sand that makes snorkeling conditions pretty lousy. Fortunately the winds on Maui are predictable. They pick up in the late morning, build into midday, and can really blow by the afternoon. This means your best bet for snorkeling on Maui is in the morning or earlier in the day. You'll find nicer water, safer conditions, and a more enjoyable snorkeling experience.

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