Po'olenalena Beach in South Maui offers great snorkeling off both ends of this long and scenic beach!

Where to Snorkel in Maui – How to Find a Great Spot

If you enjoy great snorkeling with plenty of sea life and beautiful coral, it's important to know what to look for when you're scouting a spot.  As a general rule, rocks and coral offer the best opportunity for optimal snorkeling. Together they form the reef providing shelter and food for fish and other sea creatures.  At many of South Maui’s sandy beaches, coral reefs are often found at the ends of the beach where rocky points extend into the ocean.  So if you find yourself at an unfamiliar spot and intend to snorkel, you’re likely to have more luck if you begin snorkeling closer to the rocky ends of the beach instead of starting out from the middle.  You'll also avoid a long, somewhat boring swim!  Typically the underwater landscape in front of a sandy beach is pretty featureless and dull (think sand desert) while nearby rock formations offer coral teeming with life and activity. Of course there are exceptions… the reef at Kahekili in West Maui parallels the sandy beach just a few feet out from the shoreline.

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