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Underwater Photography Tips

These days posting pictures to social media is more popular than ever—even from underwater! Taking pictures while you're snorkeling in Maui can be a lot of fun and  with a little research, you'll find numerous options for underwater cameras and/or waterproof cases. But once you start taking underwater pictures, you'll soon discover that getting something better than a blurry snapshot can be bit of a chal­lenge. Here are a few tips to increase your chances the next time you're ready to snorkel in Maui.

Before you hit the water, get to know your camera. Take a lot of shots and pay attention to how your camera responds. The single biggest problem with underwater photography and point-and-shoot cameras is the lag-time between the moment you press the shutter and the time it takes for the camera to take the picture and record it. It may surprise you, but it’s not instan­taneous, and some cameras are worse than others. When you're shooting underwater, the result can be a lot of missed shots and blurry images.

This "shutter-lag" issue really becomes apparent when a cool fish zips by and you scramble to get the shot. You press the shutter release and seconds later the only thing in the preview is a fish tail—bummer! To minimize this issue, try to anticipate the movement of your subject. If the current is pushing you or a fish is swimming in a certain direction, consider where your subject will be by the time your camera actually snaps the picture. Then frame your shot accord­ingly.

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