Snorkeling by kayak is a fantastic way to see the beautfiul reef at Olowalu, Maui.

Maui Snorkeling Tips – Fins

Every snorkeler we've ever met enjoys seeing fish and they all share the desire to see even more.  Here's another tip to better your chances and advance your snorkeling skills...

Quiet your Fins:  Whenever you're snorkeling, pay attention to the noise you're making as you snorkel. If your fins are slapping or chopping through the water, you'll want to take a few minutes to work on your technique. Fins actually work best by using the full length of your legs to kick. It's your hips and thighs that should be doing most of the work, not your knees. Concentrate on letting the power of your kick come from the big muscles in your thighs and rear instead of your knees. Just a few tweaks in your style will propel you more quietly and efficiently through the water, with fewer fish dashing away from the "creature" splashing noisily toward them and a bonus—less calf cramps!

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