Be on the look out for tiny creatures like this Whitemouth Moray Eel - Maui.

Maui Snorkeling Tips

We've said it before and we'll say it again:  Every snorkeler we've ever met loves seeing marine life, and all share the desire to discover even more.  Here's our next tip to better your chances and advance your snorkeling skills...

Think Small:  When snorkeling in Maui, it's easy to be enthralled by a huge fish like a Blue Trevally, but if you look closely for some of the smaller creatures on the reef, you'll find equally engaging traits. The intricate details and color on something so small can be mesmerizing to watch. Juvenile fish and other creatures can be found all along the coral reefs you just need to look for them. Some of the best spots are along the rocky edge of shore or between the ridges and grooves of coral. Slowly scan these areas and you may find all kinds of miniature creatures going about their day just inches in front of your snorkel mask. Take time to stop and observe the smallest of creatures and we're sure you'll add a whole new dimension to your snorkeling experiences in Maui.

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