Snorkel slowly, camouflaged octopus are easy to miss in the waters off Maui.

Maui Snorkeling Tips to See More Creatures

Every snorkeler we've met enjoys seeing fish and they all share the desire to see even more.  Our next two blog posts will focus on a few tips to better your chances and advance your snorkeling skills.

Take it Slow:  A popular Maui bumper sticker reads:  Slow Down—This ain't the Mainland. It's a sentiment that's equally applicable while snorkeling. When you enter the water and slip on your mask, think "island time" and slow your pace as you snorkel over the reefs. Many of the most interesting sea creatures are experts at camouflage. When you take your time, you'll pick up details that are easy to miss and you'll see more sea life than ever before. Many times we've seen snorkelers cruise right past an octopus. If they hadn't been in such a rush, they would have seen it.  Whenever you're snorkeling in Maui, take it slow, you'll be glad you did!

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