Spring is a beautiful time of year to visit Maui!

When to Visit Maui? – We Vote Spring!

We're often asked when is the best time to visit Maui?  Honestly, anytime is great, but if we were pinned-down on the question, we might just have to say mid-April to early June.  It's a beautiful time to visit Maui, especially if you enjoy getting out and exploring.

As photographers, spring is definitely one of our favorite times of year. The weather is more cooperative for taking pictures with pleasant temperatures and lighter tradewinds, making it easier to capture pictures of palms or other foliage without fighting the wind. Best of all, the scenery is at its greenest. With the lengthening days of spring and the end of winter rains, the island's vegetation springs to life. If you have an eye for photography, you'll definitely appreciate the lush greenery of this time of year over the heat-withered fronds of late summer!  Heading to Hana, you'll find waterfalls flowing higher, and Up Country's roads ablaze in the purple blossoms of Maui's magnificent jacaranda trees.

Late spring is also a quieter time on the island, making it easier on your pocketbook. Once spring break is over and before summer vacation gets rolling, Maui experiences a lull in visitors. Getting around is less hectic, popular spots aren't as busy, and you'll find better rates on accommodations and other services. Favorite beaches are also less crowded—a plus for both snorkeling and having a bit more space on the sand to yourself.

So if you're headed to Maui this spring, it's the perfect time of year for taking some great scenic shots—and to snorkel of course! :) For more information about exploring Maui and finding great snorkeling spots, be sure to pick up a copy of Mask Fins & Snorkel:  The Adventure Guide to Maui's Best Snorkeling.  You can also contact us here or through social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus, we'd love to hear from you!

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