Honu Heaven! Snorkeling in Maui, you'll see lots of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles!

Include "Maui's Best Snorkeling" in Your Carry-On!

We’ll admit it, we're snorkel fanatics! We love cruising the reef and have spent countless hours exploring Maui’s waters... We’ve hit the sites listed in free visitor magazines, and checked out places suggested in travel guidebooks. We’ve ventured into areas mentioned on websites, and explored spots that just looked intriguing from shore. We’ve covered much of Maui’s coastline and had a fantastic time learning which spots are goodand which ones are great!

Our goal is to share what we've found and help others discover the beauty and amazing sea life found just below the water's surface. We're confident our guidebook will help you create memorable snorkeling adventures and make the most of your time in Maui.

Here's a sample of what others have to say:

"This Book is Great"
This book is great. It gives precise locations for the beaches, parking, and amenities for the best snorkeling places in Maui. It describes the correct entry points for the reefs in Maui as well what type of flora and fauna one is going to encounter at a particular beach. One can clearly see the author is an experienced snorkeler. In addition to descriptions for each place, the author also presents snorkeling tips, ocean hazards, and conservation. I used this book to plan my snorkeling for a 5 day trip to Maui and do not regret it. Next time I go to Maui, this book will be in my luggage again.  –Amazon Review

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"Great Book that Stays on Target"
...This book really gives you what you want—detailed descriptions of the snorkeling at various locations. It has maps,  it has driving directions,  it has parking information.  But what I really love is the detailed descriptions of the snorkeling... where to go within the bay... what to look for... what you'll see... and those beautiful, beautiful pictures! I even learned that the weird bat-fish I saw in Kapalua Bay is actually an Oriental Flying Gurnard!
–Amazon Review

"Thank you again for your awesome book"
I loved the pictures, and the instructions on where to find the best snorkeling were excellent. We also liked your idea of a "marathon adventure" and made up one of our own based on your suggestions (ironic as we were on Maui to run the marathon)!  –Email

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So if you're headed to Maui, be sure to include Mask Fins & Snorkel:  The Adventure Guide to Maui's Best Snorkeling in your carry-on. You'll be planning your adventures and ready to snorkel before your plane lands in Maui!  Aloha and Happy Snorkeling!

Maui's Premier Snorkeling Guidebook

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