Gorgeous Kahakuloa Bay shimmers in blues and greens on a spring day in Maui!

Exploring Maui - Up-n-Around West Maui

Snorkeling in Maui is our favorite pastime. But if we're not out exploring Maui's coral reefs, we love hopping in the car and discovering new, intriguing places all over the island. One of our favorites is following the road up and around the top of Maui's West side and back down into Central Maui to Kahului (the airport town). You'll find an abundance of things to see and explore… there's hiking along windswept lava shorelines, unique rock formations, Nakalele blowhole, and narrow, winding roads along steep cliffs and over rugged range land—all make the trip a memorable adventure.

As photographers, we enjoy getting off the beaten path and taking pictures of unique and beautiful landscapes.  The road around Maui's northwest side does not disappoint. Spring is a particularly nice time of year to make this drive, with the wetter months of winter greening up the scenery.  Here are a few highlights along the way...

Discover a beautiful view of Molaka'i from Punalau Beach.

A great view of Molaka'i from Punalau Beach.

Unique lava formations abound, take time to look for them!

Unique lava formations abound, if you take time to look for them!

Majestic Kahakuloa Head towers into view - West Maui, Hawaii.

Kahakuloa Head towers in the distance.

Kahakuloa Head towers above the chapel at Old Kahakuloa Village.

The chapel at Old Kahakuloa Village.

Driving the winding roads near Kahakuloa, West Maui is an adventure!

Scenery along the narrow and winding road.

The trip is just over 25 miles past Honolua Bay (one of our favorite snorkel spots on the west side). But don't let the short distance fool you, if you make as many stops as we do, this can easily be a half-day adventure or more. It's a quest that definitely follows the old adage, "it's the journey, not the destination." Our only caveat is the drive includes a few hair pin turns, and the road narrows down to one lane at times. So if you're a little spooked about cliff-side roads or backing up your car to allow another driver to pass—have the most self-assured driver behind the wheel. Other than that, taking the road up-n-around West Maui is a marvelous adventure, we highly recommend it!

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