The Maui Swap Meet is held Saturdays in Kahului. It's a vibrant marketplace of great deals, local art, tasty tropical treats and more!

Discover the Maui Swap Meet

When we're not snorkeling Maui, we love to explore the island. With its gorgeous beaches and intriguing natural landscapes, there's an abundance of places to discover that are relatively inexpensive or free (other than the time and gas it takes to get there). While our primary focus is snorkeling, it's worth noting other activities unique to Maui. It's nice to have options for those days when you can't hit the water or are in the mood to explore the island above its shorelines. One of our favorites?  The Maui Swap Meet in Kahului.

There is so much to enjoy about this weekly Saturday event. For a mere 50 cents admission, you'll find a huge gathering of local vendors with a wide assortment of goods. The swap meet offers such a vibrant, entertaining feast it's easy to have your plans for a "quick visit" turn into a full-morning diversion.

You'll find an abundance of tropical fruits, flowers, and vegetables at Maui Swap Meet!

Top on our list are the tasty foods and treats... you'll find farm fresh veggies and tropical fruits to enhance your stay on Maui, as well as countless other delights... coconut macaroons... unique combinations of island fruits transformed into mouth-watering frozen treats... chocolate-macadamia nut confections... shave ice... freshly roasted coffee.  Just about any taste of the tropics can be found, including coconut water served in its "original container" and chopped with a machete before your eyes.  Tropical plants and fresh cut flowers round out the colorful array of swap meet offerings!

Along with the usual tourist trinkets, the Maui Swap Meet is also a great place to meet some of Maui's gifted artisans. There are many talented locals living on the island who make the Maui Swap Meet a primary place for selling their creative handiwork. You'll find original paintings, jewelry, photography, pottery, clothing, tile mosaics, woodwork, music... It's a gathering of talent that goes well beyond other tourist venues on the island. You'll discover unique art, meet the creators, and just may leave with an original piece to decorate your home or fondly remember your time in Maui.

So if you can't tell already—we love the Maui Swap Meet! If you're not snorkeling, it's a great way to spend a Saturday morning in Maui. You'll find it underway from 7 am to 1 pm every Saturday at the UH Maui College campus in Kahului (the same city as the main airport). For 50 cents admission and free parking, you can't miss!  In the meantime, if you have any questions about snorkeling or exploring Maui, please feel free to contact us here or through social media. You can find Maui's Best Snorkeling on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.  We'd love to hear from you!

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