Kayak - Snorkeling in Maui is a fantastic way to snorkel the island's best spots!

Snorkeling by Kayak in Maui

If you’re up for an adventure and can handle a little exercise, a great way to snorkel some of Maui’s best spots is from a kayak. It’s a blast and an experience you’re unlikely to forget. Whether you go on your own or with a local kayaking outfit, you’re able cover a lot of ground and hit the water before most people are even on the beach. If kayaking the waters of Maui sounds like something you’d like to try, you have two options:

Guided Kayak Snorkel Tours: These outfitters provide everything you need, often throw in lunch, and do a good job leading their tours to some of the best spots. They charge around $70 a person for a half-day outing and operate frequently out of Makena Landing in South Maui and Olowalu in West Maui. While we’ve never been customers, we’ve encountered them often and have been impressed with many of their guides. Most are knowledgeable, friendly, and intent on providing you with a great experience.

Unguided Excursions: If you’re confident in your abilities and like to go your own way, you can skip the tours and rent your own kayak. Several beachfront hotels rent kayaks right at the beach and while spendy, it's a no-hassle approach. A more cost-effective option is contacting a kayak tour operator to reserve a kayak and arrange delivery. Locations vary, but morning excursions from Makena Landing seem to be a fairly regular offering.

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