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Maui Snorkeling Secrets – Adventure Awaits

The most common places to snorkel in Maui tend to be just off the rocky ends of Maui's beautiful sandy beaches. But if you have a keen sense of adventure and advanced swimming skills, it's possible to get off the beaten path and snorkel in some truly interesting spots.

The secret involves finding a spot and doing a little reconnaissance. Whenever we're driving around the island we're always looking for new spots to snorkel. Once we see something intriguing, we scout it out. We'll stop by to get the general feel of the area and look for access points to get in and out of the water safely. We also take note of any nearby restrooms and showers—it's always nice to know where you can get cleaned up afterwards.

When to snorkel is another consideration. Whenever we're planning to snorkel a remote spot we check out the surf forecast for that part of the island. Swells and surf can vary considerably depending what side of the island you're on. If it looks like the waves are going to be thumping, we save our snorkeling adventure for another day. This is especially important if your snorkel spot requires entry and exit from a rocky shoreline. You don't want to get tossed against lava rock—definitely not a pleasant vacation memory.

While we're on the subject of lava rock...if you don't have a pair of cheap reef shoes, do yourself a favor and pick up a pair in Maui. They are no match for the nasty thorns of a kiawe tree, but they're a "treat to your feet" when you're ambling over rocky shorelines. And unlike leaving valuables in your car, you can usually leave a pair of reef shoes on shore and still find them when you get back!

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