Where to see surfers in South and West Maui.

Surf's Up and Snorkeling's Out? —Life's Still Good on Maui!

You've got your gear. You've picked a spot. You're all set to experience some of Maui's best snorkeling. Then you hear the two words that are sure to darken any snorkel fanatics day, "Surf's up!"  Bummer, right? Not at all. Just means a change of plans—because when the surf's up and snorkeling's out, life's still good in Maui! Greet it as an chance to check out some of the island's awesome surfers.

If you're in South Maui and the waves are pumping, consider venturing to Ahihi Bay. It's a popular spot for some very skilled riders. It's not the most comfortable place—think lava rock seating—but you're sure to catch some great surfers and awesome waves. With the action being fairly close to shore, it's also a great spot to capture some amazing surfing shots.

A more remote location is La Persouse Bay. Since the closure of "Fish Bowl" and the "Aquarium," we're not huge fans of the snorkeling here, but we love venturing to the area nonetheless. This end of the road, "lava–meets–sea" landscape is uniquely gorgeous. And when surfing conditions cooperate, the ocean can produce some monster waves. The biggest seem to occur a few coves down the shoreline path. It's a hike—but wow—it's worth it. The guys who surf here are phenomenal. It's a great place to grab some epic surf shots—think magazine cover.

If you're on the West side of Maui (northwest, really) the place to catch some fantastic surfing is also one of the best spots to snorkel in Maui – Honolua Bay. Always a favorite of snorkelers, when the surf is pounding it's even more popular with surfers. It's a wide open area with multiple spots to catch waves and the action here can get crazy. With a full set of waves, riders can cover the horizon. The best viewing can be found at the paved overlook on the south side of Honolua Bay.

So remember, when the surf's up and snorkeling's out, life's still good in Maui! For more Snorkeling Secrets and cool things to do in Maui, check back often and pick up a copy of Mask Fins & Snorkel: The Adventure Guide to Maui's Best Snorkeling.

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