A beautiful coral reef in Maui, Hawaii.

Snorkeling in Maui – Reef Care - Fins

Whenever you're snorkeling in Maui it's important to practice good snorkeling habits to protect Maui's beautiful coral reefs.  As mentioned in our initial reef care post, coral reefs across the world are struggling to survive. Each of us must do our part to be good stewards of the reef and encourage others to do the same.  Part two of our reef care tips is about paying attention to your gear.

Watch Your Fins:  It’s easy to forget, but fins add length to your legs. Depending on the style, this can range from 18 inches to well over two feet. Make sure you account for this extra length, particularly when you’re stopped in an upright position to take a break, adjust your mask, or converse with your snorkeling companions. Too many times we’ve seen snorkelers tread water while their fins are slapping the coral below. An effective technique used by experienced snorkelers is to raise your knees up as if you’re sitting in the water. This keeps your fins up higher and further away from the coral. You'll find the salt water and your swimming ability will keep you quite buoyant without much need to tread water. If you’re unable to do this comfortably, you should use a flotation device. Life vests or snorkel belts are a great way to help less skilled swimmers feel more comfortable in the water so they can enjoy snorkeling, stay safe, and not damage the reef.

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